PhilGEOS 2012

Philippine Geomatics: practice, applications and accomplishments

PRC accredits PhilGEOS 2012; GE participants to get a minimum of 9 CPE points

The Professional Regulations Commission (PRC), through its Board of Geodetic Engineering, recently approved the application of the Department of the Geodetic Engineering for the accrediation of PhilGEOS 2012 as a venue for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) of licensed Geodetic Engineers (GE) of the Philippines. GEs who will participate in PhilGEOS may get a minimum of 9 CPE points. Details on how to obtain the CPE points will be posted later.

The CPE program of the PRC aims to provide and ensure the continuous education of a registered professional with the latest trends in the profession brought about by modernization, scientific and technological advancement.



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